Concannon Connection Breakfast Forum a great success

Advance Tapes was honoured to be chosen to host the very first Concannon Connection Breakfast Forum on the 16th of June 2017 at their headquarters in Leicester, England, which has been hailed as a great success by all who attended.

A varied range of local business leaders, including HSBC and Mattioli Woods, were present at the forum and enjoyed a presentation by Cherie Concannon who is a Success Coach with a reputation as a leading expert in corporate progression for top level executives.

The event was planned by Cherie Concannon following previous discussions with the business community and by carefully listening to what their particular needs and interests were.

The breakfast forum consisted of a round table discussion. By extracting themselves from day to day operations participants were able to share their experiences . Valuable insights were gained enabling leaders to exchange ideas on meeting business challenges.

The attendees enjoyed a range of valuable feedback and also had the opportunity to network face-to-face with others in a warm and friendly environment.

Every guests received an Advance Tapes bag containing various gifts including a roll sample of the famous AT7 Electrical Insulation Tape and the brand new AT132 All Purpose Duct Tape.

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