Coating and Converting

All adhesives are formulated or specified in house, giving Advance Tapes total control of the product design. Expertise extends to the type of adhesives that can be coated meaning that customer specific properties can be built into the final product. Advance Tapes has the capability to continuously develop adhesives either when environmental legislation dictates or when customers requirements change.


Cloth Coating

Advance Tapes has been coating adhesive for nearly 50 years.  2013 has seen a turning point in our coating abilities with the business having invested in a state of the art, fully automated adhesive mixing and cloth coating line. This record £4m investment for Advance has  taken extensive planning and organisation over the last 2 years.
The new line provides many benefits; increased capacity, improved service, and by using the latest technology also offers benefits in the ability to develop new products and improve the control and quality of existing products.

Filmic Coating

Advance also has a wealth of expertise and experience in coating to filmic carriers such as PVC and Polythene and has spent years perfecting the process in order to deliver specific customer requirements.

Other Tape Types

For a full list of products and carrier types visit Our Tape Types.


The expansion of our own converting capabilities has been of primary importance to Advance in recent years with significant investment in new machinery including a fully automated slit and rewind machine as well new lathes.

Last year converting facilities were set up at our French operation to better serve this rapidly growing market. We can convert a variety of widths and lengths and have the ability to customise products for specific customer requirements.

Advance also works in partnership with specialist converters for customers that have special requirements.

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