Advance Tapes is well represented within the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning market. We manufacture a substantial range of high performance adhesive cloth and foil tapes. These are a result of product development in conjunction with equipment manufacturers and installation engineers. Adhesive formulations have been developed to create surface bonds that increase in parallel with temperatures. Our tapes are both heat resistant and water resistant.

Our HEVAC adhesive tape product range offers a variety of material weights and finishes in response to the market needs.

Our tapes can be used in various HEVAC applications including:
• Sealing metal and plastic ducting.
• Protection of stainless steel pipework.
• Sealing cold store insulation.
• Fixing sound proofing to sheet aluminium.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : HEVAC

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape - AT7AT0007
AT0009 PVC Duct Sealing TapeAT0009
AT0010 PVC Heavy Duty Pipewrap TapeAT0010
General Purpose PVC Building Protection Tape AT42AT0042
AT0087 Polyisobutylene Self Amalgamating TapeAT0087
Economy Waterproof Duct Tape AT132AT0132-1
Clean Peel Waterproof Duct Tape for Builders - AT170AT0170
Standard Building Duct Tape AT171AT0171
AT0172 Premium Building Duct TapeAT0172
Industrial Waterproof Duct Tape AT175AT0175
Matt Black Foil Tape Advance Gaffa® AT205AT0205
AT0316 High Performance Double Sided Polyester TapeAT0316
AT0412 Mono Filament Reinforced Strapping TapeAT0412
Aluminium Foil Tape 40 Micron AT500AT0500
AT0501 Reinforced Aluminium Foil TapeAT0501
30 Micron Aluminium Foil Tape AT0502AT0502
Aluminium Foil Tape 50 Micron AT506AT0506
AT1005 Packaging TapeAT1005
AT2000 Anti Slip TapeAT2000
Easy Use PVC Building Tape AT6000AT6000
Environmentally Friendly Waterproof Protection Tape - AT6102AT6102
AT6103 Multi-surface Removable Polythene TapeAT6103
Nuclear Tape AT712AT712

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