Tape Types

Advance Tapes manufactures a wide range of technical, specialist tapes for professional markets.

As a result of extensive collaboration and testing with end users across many industries and across many countries, Advance Tapes can offer tapes specifically designed for their application.

The product ranges are categorised by type below but if you can’t find the tape that you are looking for, then please contact us because New Product Development is at the forefront of the Advance Tapes Business Strategy.

We manufacture quality adhesive cloth tapes, duct tapes, gaffer tapes and repair tapes. These meet the demands of many varied and demanding industrial applications and some are water resistant.

We manufacture a large range of PVC tapes which are used for general purpose, electrical, lane marking, hazard warning, duct sealing, vapour barrier, protection, construction and industrial applications.

Ideal for a wide range of industries, our polythene tapes will peel clean from most surfaces, are water resistant and provide some level of electrical insulation.

We design and manufacture high performance foil tapes widely used in the construction, industrial, entertainments, Plumbing, Engineering and Maintenance industries.

Advance offers a range of double sided tapes with a good tack, and liners made of siliconised paper which enable them to be peeled from the carrier easily.

Our paper masking tape is a low-tack tape, allowing for repositioning to applied surfaces. It’s ideal for indoor application and is to be ideally stored at a temperature above 5˚C.

Our polyester tapes have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of electrical and electronic industries.

Our polyisobutylene adhesive tapes are self amalgamating, and resistant to water, ozone, sunlight and corrosives.

Advance offers tough and reliable polypropylene tapes, from clear to brown, perfect for general use, sealing and packing.

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