Electrical Insulation
Tape AT7

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
due to its water and UV resistant properties,
AT7 is an incredibly versatile electrical tape.

Polythene Protection
Tape AT6102

Environmentally responsible choice.
Up to 100m long.
The properties of the tape make it ideal
for use where temporary protection is needed.


We have been an adhesive tape manufacturer
since 1964. We've developed extensive
knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing
of pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Advance Gaffa®
Fluorescent Cloth Tape

AT215 is our new addition to our iconic
Advance Gaffa® range. With its high
visibility, UV-Glow and cabel-friendly
adhesive, the tape is just a must-have
during every live show.


We have been an adhesive tape manufacturer since 1964. Advance Tapes has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of pressure sensitive adhesive tape destined for industrial, professional markets.

Our product range includes: Cloth tapes, Duct tapes, Masking tapes, Gaffer tapes, PVC tapes, Polythene tapes, Foil tapes and Double Sided tapes.

As an independent adhesive tape manufacturer and tape converter, Advance Tapes has complete control over every stage of the production process. From the formulation of our own specialist adhesives by our in-house Chemists, to the coating of the adhesive. Through to how the final product is formatted, converted and despatched. This capability provides us with the flexibility to offer customised adhesive tape products to suit the market requirements


Easy Tear Polythene Protection Tape
Strong Orange Building Duct Tape
pvc electrical insulation Tape

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