Advancing with New Talent: Our Commitment to Growth

Talent, innovation, and growth are some of the key pillars to success when faced with the market challenges of today. At Advance Tapes, we are proud to exemplify this commitment. We believe in the power of nurturing new talent and fostering a culture of resilience.

Since 1964, people have been the ultimate contributor to our success and almost 60 years later we firmly believe that our people are the driving force behind our achievements. Today, we remain dedicated to growing our team and advancing our pool of talent.

From maintenance and engineering to administration and marketing, our commitment to growth is stronger than ever. Today, we are excited to introduce you to a few of the newest members of our team.


New Starters

Name: Lina Dicheva

Role: Engineering Administrator

Fun Fact: ‘I love walking — on a weekday I usually do between 5k-10k steps walking a day, however during the weekend goes up to 20k-30k per day.’


Name: Les Whymant

Role: Site Facilities Engineer

Fun Fact: Loves Football and spending time with his grandkids!


Name: Mitchell Turner

Role: Maintenance Team Leader

Fun Fact: Mitchell’s idea of unwinding involves socialising with friends, be it a round of golf or a nice meal. He also enjoys keeping fit and is currently working on a home gym!


Name: George Claridge

Role: Sales and Marketing Administrator

Fun Fact: ‘Founded a football club with friends last year. Bringing glory back to our town!’


At Advance Tapes, the journey ahead is exciting. We’re thrilled to have these new talents on board to help us achieve our goals. Stay tuned for more in-depth introductions of our various team members in the coming weeks.

In the midst of market challenges, we are here, we are thriving, and we are ready to shape the future of adhesive tapes.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


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